Destination of your donation.  The key element to success with any business is transparency, integrity, and accountability.  Here you will see how your donation helps LHL's families.  You as our donor, have the right to know and choose where you would like your money to be most beneficial to our charity.  Here are our programs:

Family Medical Fund

The following donation will cover our children’s cost at 100% donated to our families collectively for Co-pays, Deductibles, Co-insurances, Prescriptions, Travel, Food, and Parking Reimbursements.

Donate to LHL's Family Medical Fund

Legacy Fund

Marketing:  Help us get the word out by advertising.

Staff Salaries:  Help our growing staff continue to receive their annual salaries.

Training & Travel Expenses:  Help our team take continuing education classes and team building exercises.

Office Operation Expenses:  Help with our office supplies. 

Event Expenses:  Help us participate in any events where we raise money for our families.

Donate to LHL's Legacy Fund


100% of your donation to our Family Medical Fund supports LHL's local families in financial need battling cancer.







100% of your donation to our Legacy Fund supports LHL's operational expenses.








Funds are also raised by LHL's community outreach events.  When it comes to providing for a child there is no regard to race, religion, or national origin.