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Krav Maga Gold Games

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On Saturday, May 12th Krav Maga New York (located at 2 Scott Drive in Somers, NY) and LHL will bring you The Gold Games, a charity fundraiser event. All proceeds will benefit Love Holds Life. Our goal is to raise $10,000 or more.

Go to the ticket booth, purchase your tickets, participate in all of the events, have an awesome day, smile a lot knowing that you're helping families in need. Better yet, pre-purchase your tickets.

12 tickets $15 / 24 tickets $25 / 48 tickets $40 / 60 tickets $45

Contact Erin at 855-IAM-KRAV or  to purchase tickets at the above pre-purchase price. Ticket prices will increase!

Events Details:

Adult Individual Fitness Competition - 5 min. group warm up, 5 min. set up & instructions, and then rotate 4 separate stations for 2 min. of exercises at each station with a 2 min. rest in-between stations.  Max reps in 2 min. wins.  The stations are (1) Sprawls, (2) KB swigs (by weight), (3) Sit Outs, and (4) Sit ups.

Adult Team Competition - 2 or more teams depending on no. of participants.  5 min. group warm up, 5 min. set up & instructions, and then 15 minutes on the clock.  Run to one side of the parking lot, pick up a ball, run back, execute appropriate exercise with entire team, get another ball, put completed ball in “completed” basket.  Team with most amount of completed balls at end of 15 min. wins.

Gold Games Challenge (all ages) - This is a round robin roaming session.  Pick a booth, pick the challenge or learning session you want to participate in, pay your tickets and challenge your Instructors, or learn from them. 

Booth 1, Bill:  

Challenge 1 - Pass The Open or Closed Guard – 4 Tickets.  You’re on top, guard position, Bill is on the bottom, guard closed.  You’ll have 90 seconds on the clock.  If you pass the guard and gain top control for 3 seconds, you win!  If you fail to pass, give up position (reversal) or get submitted, you lose!  You’re estimate chance of winning?  Slim to none.

Challenge 2 - Hold Mount or Side Mount – 5 Tickets.  You’re on top, pick your mount position.  Bill is on the bottom.  You’ll have 90 seconds on the clock.  If you stay in mount the entire time (and yes, you can transition) or submit, you win!  If you lose position, time’s up and you lose!  You’re estimate chance of winning?  Unlikely.

Challenge 3 - Rear Naked Choke – 7 Tickets.  You’re seated, you have back position, hooks in, seatbelt hold.  Bill is seated in front of you, he decides where to place his hands.  You’ll have 90 seconds on the clock.  If you control back position or submit, you win!  If you lose position, time’s up and you lose!  You’re estimate chance of winning?  Possible but not probable.

Booth 2, Erin:

Spar Erin free style for 90 seconds for 3 Tickets, but here is the challenge:  Every time she lands a spinning kick, it counts as a point.  In all fairness, if you land a spin kick on her, you get a point.  At the end of the 90 seconds, loser pays the point difference in tickets.  It’s open hand sparring, so stay relaxed and controlled.

Booth 3, Marc:

This is a Laser Target challenge.  3 Tickets to participate.  Shoot the laser gun, hit the bulls eye, or not.  Each circle on the target has a point value, the bulls eye is worth 0 points.  You each get 6 shots.  Points are tallied after you both shoot.  Lowest value wins.  Loser pays the point difference in tickets.

Booth 4, Gil:

This is your chance to learn about handguns, shotguns and AR-15.  5 Tickets to learn, 5 min. intervals between session.  You have 5 minutes to learn gun operation, nomenclature and ask your questions.  Real fire arms will be on hand, unloaded of course.  Gil is a firearms instructor, so you’re in good hands.

Booth 5, Davide:

This is a “place your bet” booth.  Davide will bet you that he can do something outrageous.  The more outrageous the challenge, the greater the number of tickets.  If you don’t believe him, you can bet against him.  Looser pays off the agreed upon bet in tickets. 

Kids-A-Thon – Kids, use the event tracking sheet we made for you.  Sell Sprawls, Straight Punches, KB swings and Front Kicks to friends and family.  Donate your funds to our cause but make sure you execute the number of Sprawls, Straight Punches, KB Swings and Front Kicks you sold.  Don’t oversell yourself.  You owe your friends and family the exercises you sold.

Intro to Krav Maga & Verbal Judo - Suitable for all ages, this Intro session is intended for those who want to know what Krav Maga is all about. Newcomers welcome.  Parents who want to participate with their children are also welcome.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - Hosted by Black Hole HQ, this seminar represents the official launch of KMNY’s BJJ program. 


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